Orblue Baker’s Couche and Proofing Cloth

It's pronounced "koosh" and, even if you can't say it right, your dough will proof in the right shape with this baking couche from Orblue. The coarse, dense baguette cloth weave stands up to leavened or unleavened dough, holding a solid peak between loaves and making your bread looks as good as it tastes. This Baguette cloth makes handling your bread dough a whole lot easier and prevent your loaves from sticking together as they rise. The 24-x36-inch baking couche creases stiffly to fit 6 or 7 baguettes at a time. French bread needs the proper, crispy crust, so use a 100% cotton proofing cloth to dry the outside of your dough just enough before baking.The Dough won't stick to cotton baking cloth, which keeps the rising bread from expanding in length, forcing a vertical rise. Want professional-quality French bread, batards and ciabatta loaves? Need to rest and dry pasta sheets before cutting? This easy-to-clean baker couche is the perfect kitchen tool. For professional or home bakers.

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