On-Premise Catering: Hotels, Convention Centers, Arenas, Clubs, and More

To succeed in the field of on-premise catering today, a catering professional needs much more than just exceptional culinary talent. On-premise catering requires a broad range of knowledge, from accounting and marketing basics to multicultural etiquette and management skills. The most timely, complete, and authoritative guide available, On-Premise Catering is the definitive reference for professional and aspiring caterers. The book includes detailed, step-by-step information on every aspect of running a catering operation, from proposal development and pricing to setting up a function space and working with intermediaries and suppliers. This new edition has been completely revised with up-to-date coverage on event decor, menu writing, marketing via email and social media outlets, information technology, and much more. Written by two celebrated catering educators and one active professional caterer, the book combines the best of both the academic perspective and current real-world experience to provide an inside look at the field today. With sections on Marketing, Theme Parties, Meal and Beverage Functions, Function Room Selection and Setup, Production and Service Planning, Staffing, Financial Controls, and more, On-Premise Catering provides all the up-to-the-minute information catering students and professionals need to succeed in this exciting and dynamic field.

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