NEW Unique Bird Folding Handle Survival Knife Kitchen Tool Colorful Vegetable Knives 4 Piece Premium Ceramic Camping Knives 4 Portable Knife Set Best Kitchen Fruit Knifes Set (4 Color Knifes)

The best kitchen tool for cutting fish, fruits, vegetables and boneless meat not to be used to cut bone, frozen food, skin melon and hard objects. Perfect for survival, camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor/indoor activities. A must-have mini folding knife for your everyday carry. It is handy, safety, environmentally-friendly and hygienic. This ceramic Kitchen Knife is perfect for cutting tasks Health and antibacterial and environmental protection Sharp and able to endure wear and tear Light and convenient , easy to clean Foldable and lightweight design, convenient to carry Keep the food original Elegant and comfort table fashion and exquisite Handle designed ergonomically to ensure comfort when using the knife Material :Ceramic (blade) History of pocket folding knife 600-500 BC The oldest pocket knife (or "jackknife") ever discovered dates back to around 600-500 BC. It was unearthed in Hallstatt, Austria, and it features a single blade with a bone handle 200 The Romans actually even invented their own Swiss Army-esque knife that included a spoon, blade, spike, fork, spatula, and pick. It most likely belonged to a wealthy traveler.

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