My Cajun Recipes: Write in all your favorite Cajun Recipes. Fill in the blank recipe book for 50 delicious Cajun recipes.

Do you have recipes you want to save or give to other family members? If so, Fill-in-the-Blank recipe pages in this book with 50 of your delicious Cajun favorites. Cajun or creole, whatever you to call it is some good eating as they would say in the bayous of Louisiana. How to use: After you write in your recipe, you will list it on the Index pages in the front to help you easily locate recipes at a glance. Write in your recipe list of ingredients and instructions. On the back of each recipe page, write additional instructions or comments about the recipe, why it’s a favorite, where you found it, etc. Great idea for gift giving! Get the whole collection of Italian, Indian, Mexican, French, Thai, Chinese and Japanese My Recipe books.

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