Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours

Embark on a culinary discovery of Bali, where the wild and inventive gourmet imaginings of French-American chefvisionaryChris Salans have taken root. Using essentially modern French techniques of cooking and presentation, theclassically-trained Salans incorporates everyday Indonesian and Balinese ingredients and flavours – sometimesexplosive, but more often subtly nuanced – into his recipes. This mosaic of dishes excites with their unusual tasteprofiles, but at the same time, appeals to Western palates. Salans calls his perfect balance of Indonesian flavours andWestern technique – borne out of years of research, and trial and error – French-Balinese gastronomy. Gourmets whohave successfully snagged a table at Salans’s frequently booked-out Mozaic Restaurant know that dining there is asublime experience to be leisurely savoured over a six-course tasting menu. This ingredient-driven cookbook will bethe perfect memento for diners who want to replicate the Mozaic culinary experience at home.HIGHLIGHTSOverview of Bali’s food culture and tradition.Features over 40 accessible recipes, all of which are inspired by Indonesian ingredients.Forewords by Michelin-starred chef Emile Jung and Australia’s best chef, Shannon Bennett.Beautifully illustrated; every recipe is accompanied by lavish photography.

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