Moka Pot Coffee Maker- Stovetop Espresso Maker Easy To Use And Clean Italian Design For Best Espresso Coffee – By Mixpresso Coffee

Make great coffee with a Moka Pot! These are underrated and they do delicious things. They make a coffee that is half-way between espresso and drip coffee. They had a bad reputation for making bitter coffee but with a few simple steps below, you can make something super delicious. Moka Pot Tips: Always make sure your Moka Pot is clean and you will not get bitter coffee. Filling the pot with hot water before you put it onto the stove also helps avoid bitter coffee. Grind size for your coffee dont want something super fine like for espresso but rather you want something a bit coarser. With the ground coffee, fill the Moka Pot's coffee holder but dont press it down. Learn how to use a Moka Pot with Chef Step's Moka Pot AMAZING video on youtube.(DO NOT PLACE PLASTIC HANDLE OVER DIRECT HEAT)

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