Modern Pressure Canning: Recipes and Techniques for Today’s Home Canner

Preserve foods at their freshest and most flavorful with pressure canning!Pressure canning is the only safe way to preserve low-acid foods, including meats, fish, and most vegetables, in jars at home. That's because pressure canning allows the home canner to heat jars and their contents accurately to 240 degrees F (116 degrees C), the temperature threshold at which spores of the bacterium responsible for botulism poisoning are killed. In Modern Pressure Canning, preserving and canning veteran Amelia Jeanroy (The Farming Wife) teaches everything the home canner needs to know to use a pressure canner safely and effectively to make delicious, shelf-stable foods in the kitchen. She also provides a wide variety of recipes for canning everything from sweet corn and apple sauce to Italian meatballs and chicken soup.

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