Modern Buffets: Blueprint for Success

The first new professional book published on this subject in years, Modern Buffets: Blueprint for Success by Edward Leonard, CMC, features the newest trends in buffet presentations and the story behind why one of America's favorite ways to eat is changing for the better. The text begins with a brief history of buffets in America and abroad, and proceeds into the new methods guaranteed to exceed customer expectations and set the standards for a whole new dining experience. Chapters include recipes and menu ideas, as well as numerous photos of buffets, centerpieces, plate presentations, dine around concepts, and action stations. Whether working in or studying about any aspect of the hospitality business the students will be sure to find a valuable resource in this new text. From the Book: Tips for Successful Menu Writing Insights Offer variety. Give your customers not only a variety of food options but also price points and types of buffet service. Provide a la carte or “upsell” options on your buffet menu. A seafood station or adult milkshake bar can go a long way to enhancing a standard buffet. Sell buffet stations a la carte even for sit-down dinner events. For example, for a wedding, offer the couple a “Bride and Groom’s Celebration of Pastries,” rather than the standard plated dessert choices of various finger pastries. And serve desserts in a separate room, where guest can enjoy them at their leisure. This allows for more social interaction, and guest can choose not only what they would like to eat, but how much and when. Describe the menu items in clear, easy-to-understand language. That does not mean you can’t also use words that entice and excite. A well-written menu will have the guest saying, “Wow! I am hungry just thinking about the food on this buffet.” Know Your Limitations. There is no sense in featuring a buffet menu from a five-start property if your operation does not have five-star talent to produce it, along with the necessary equipment and all the other means required to properly execute the buffet. View an additional excerpt from the book: a recipe for lobster eggs benedict. Also view a sample breakfast buffet diagram. Tips & Recipes from Modern Buffets: Blueprint for Success Omelet Bar Lobster Eggs Benedict Eggs Benedict Buffet

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