Master the Wood Pellet Grill: A Cookbook to Smoke Meats and More Like a Pro

Master your wood pellet grill―become a smokin’ sensationBurgers and dogs are just fine for backyard get-togethers, but if you want to heat things up and become the grilling and smoking legend of the neighborhood, pick up Master the Wood Pellet Grill. Things really get cooking when you perfect the art of smoking any type of meat with this pellet grill cookbook.This goes way beyond a basic pellet grill cookbook. Learn unique methods to heighten the flavors of some of your favorite meats, like using mustard as a binder for ribs, reverse searing on tri-tip, and rubbing seasoning under the skin of turkey and chicken.This pellet grill cookbook includes:Quality and quantity―Discover ways this pellet grill cookbook will make all of your dishes stand out with homemade rubs and marinades.T.L.C.―Find out how to select, prepare, rest, and cook your preferred cuts of meat.Troubleshooting―Check out this section in your pellet grill cookbook for answers to issues like unwanted temperature swings, igniter trouble, and the loss of fire while in smoke setting.If you’re looking for the tastiest recipes for your favorite meats, get this pellet grill cookbook―it’s smoking!

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