Mantello Universal Stainless Steel Knife Block Knife Holder Storage Organizer

The Mantello Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block without knives takes the hassle out of running out of slots on a traditional wooden knife block. Features You will always have room to add new knives to your cutlery collection with this convenient universal kitchen knife holder. No more sorting through a loose drawer full of sharp cutlery or searching for the right slot on traditional knife holders or a stainless steel knife block. Now you have the ability to organize your knives efficiently and easily without worrying about sizes other than the length. Non-skid rubber feet will keep block right in place. More Space Pack your knife block without knives universal with as many or as few knives as you want. From standard chefs knives to paring and cheese or steak knives, kitchen shears or honing tools, there is a spot for every size and shape in MantelloKitchen Knife Block. Flex Rod Advantage is filled with small rubberized flex rod to safely store knives. This material will never dull or damage your knives. These carefully engineered rods conform to the shape of each knife and hold it in place anywhere you stick it in the block. Flex rods are removable and top-rack dishwasher safe. Universal Slots Another advantage of the Mantello Knife Block is that it is universal. You don't have to worry about purchasing a knife and finding out it isn't compatible with the slots of your knife holder. You will not be limited to only few brands or sizes of knives when you go shopping for a new knife to add to your collection. This Sleek Stainless Steel block will look good in any kitchen decor. Mix and match knife sets with ease.

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