Mama Quin’s Classic and Traditional Cookbook

Quintella learned how to cook as many of us have from her mother and her grandmother. Mealtime was much more that just eating, it was a time to share love, laughter while enjoying a simple offering of good, solid comforting food. The tradition of these times known as "the family gathering" lives on in Mama Quin's Classic and Traditional Soulful Cookbook. This cookbook is a labor of love, paying respect to the ancestors who instilled in Mama Quin a love for cooking, while adding a few of her favorites with just the right amount of soul. Some of the recipes include: Quin's Cornbread Dressing Tomato Glazed Meat Loaf Menudo Mama Quin's Peach Cobbler Smothered Turkey Wings Create a new tradition by cooking a dish from Mama Quins Classic and Traditional Soulful Cookbook and serve it with love.

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