Magnetic Knife Strip Self Adhesive – 10 inch Magnet holder – Utensil Rack for Kitchen or Bar – Wall or Fridge Mount – Walnut Wood – Made in USA

MOUNT EASILY ANYWHERE Just peel and press. No drills, no holes. You can attach your knife Lure securely to any surface, like your refrigerator, backsplash, or in your RV. Also, because of its compact 10 inch design, your knife Lure even fits in, on, or under your cabinets. If you plan to mount your knife Lure to a porous surface, like unsealed wood, stone, concrete, wall paper, or drywall, please seal the desired area to ensure proper adhesion of the VHB tape.HOLD STRONG Extremely powerful neodymium rare earth magnets will hold even your heaviest knives tightly, with no risk of slippping, while incredibly tenacious 3M VHB mounting tape ensures that your knife Lure will not budge. .PROTECT YOUR KNIVES Gentle coated walnut wood will not cause the chinks, scratches, and dings that stainless steel knife strip models can to your favorite knives. Also, the beautiful high-gloss, FDA approved, BPA free coating allows you to keep your knives free of the grime and bacteria that can build up on uncoated wood knife strips, without having to reapply foodsafe oil every month. The coating is also waterproof, so it keeps your Lure free of the stains and odors that can come with other wood knife holders. ADD A BEAUTIFUL NATURAL ELEMENT TO YOUR KITCHEN DECOR Kitchen design is now about bringing the outside in, and blending natural elements with modern design. Your beautifully high-gloss, natural wood knife Lure will allow you to do just that, while also decluttering your countertops.TRUST IN THE QUALITY Your knife Lure is made of premium American walnut hardwood with pride by expert craftsmen in the USA. Because your knife Lure is handmade, there may be some minor variations in size, minor flaws in the coating, and the natural walnut can vary in color. These imperfections are the mark of an artisanal product. If you are not happy with your product, we will gladly grant you a full refund.

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