Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

The definitive volume on Indian vegetarian cooking. Created by a noted author and lecturer, Lord Krishna's Cuisine features more than 500 recipes, filled with fresh produce and herbs, delicate spices, hot curries, and homemade dairy, products. All recipes are based on readily available ingredients and have been scrupulously adapted for American kitchens. The recipes are enlivened by the author's anecdotes and personal reminiscences of her years in India, including stories of gathering recipes from royal families and temple cooks, which had been jealously guarded for centuries. The American-born Devi, who as the disciple and personal cook of an Indian spiritual leader spent eight years off and on travelling with him in India and elsewhere, has assembled about 500 detailed, carefully written recipes representing the vast range of Indian cooking styles. They provide excellent, workable versions of--among much else--Indian pancakes, flitters, dumplings, breads, cheese and yogurt dishes, and sweets and pastries. (American vegetarians should note that the recipes use no eggs.) Only a real hater of Indian flavors could fail to come away with ideas almost begging to be adopted in everyday use--say, spicy creamed spinach. There are attractive experiments with American ingredients like maple syrup and jicama as well as the dozens that must be sought in Indian stores. But the recipes pale in interest beside the vast amounts of information on ingredients, techniques, equipment, and critical culinary indefinables.

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