Living Shojin Ryori: Everyday Zen Cuisine to Nourish and Delight

Shojin ryori is sometimes described as temple food as it is the special diet observed by monks in Zen temples in Japan. Based on the principle of not taking life, shojin ryori is prepared using only vegetables and omits the use of eggs and dairy products. In his first book, Shojin Ryori: The Art of Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine, Chef Danny introduced simple yet creative and satisfying shojin ryori meals that can be easily prepared in home kitchens. It was recognised as the Best Japanese Cuisine Book in the Best in the World category at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2015. In this second book, he demonstrates how shojin ryori abides by the seasons, so that the best flavour and nutrition is extracted from ingredients at their peak. With refreshing new recipes that exude the simplicity and mindfulness of Zen cooking, Living Shojin Ryori shows how simple ingredients can be transformed into complete and balanced meals that intrigue and delight.

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