Let’s Use Ground Turkey More Often, It’s So Healthy and Delicious!: Some amazing Ground Turkey Recipes for your whole family to enjoy cooking with Ground Turkey Meat every week

Ground Turkey Meat is not only super tasty but it also has very impressive attributes. It does contain less saturated fat than pork and beef, of course. This might be old news to you. But have you ever stopped and compared it to ground chicken for example? You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that ground turkey is in fact about 20% leaner than ground chicken as well. That is fabulous, I am sure you will agree. What about if I told you that ground turkey also offers you more proteins per pound than the other types of ground meat you can find on the market. Now it becomes a double-heathy option for you, pretty cool! Along with lower content in fat, it is important to mention that the percentage of cholesterol you will intake in ground turkey compare to other ground meats will also be lower. Ground turkey is typically made with a mix of light and dark meat, keeping the outcome moist and healthy at the same time. Price wise, it is overall comparable to ground beef or pork, although if you are wise you will buy and freeze extra quantities when there is a good sale going on at your groceries store. Our book will reveal some amazing Ground turkey Recipes you will like to prepare as is or transform along the way to make your own. Enjoy!

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