Lasten Silicone Cupcake Liners with Pastry Bag and Storage Tank as Bonuses, Reusable & Non-stick Baking Cups, standard Muffin Cups Chocolate Holders Truffle Cups (24 pcs /8 colors)

Lasten Silicone Cupcake Liners, Reusable & Non-stick Baking Cups , Mini Muffin Cups Chocolate Holders Truffle Cups -18 Pack Baking Cups - 8 Colors Size:(L)6.8 x (W)6.8 x (H)3 CM Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Light Pink Include:one silicon cupcke, 1 Silicone Pastry Bag and 1 snack storage tank Feature: Save your money and Help the environment. These high-quality, easy-release and non-stick baking cups are reusable. No need to buy paper cups ever again, you can reuse our baking cups over and over. 24 pack is much more cost-effective. You can use them for a long time. Easy to use-clean-store - Easy to use: Our colorful cupcake liners will fit perfectly in your existing cupcake sheets or you can simply place them directly on a regular baking sheet. No need to use a muffin pan. Also convenient for microwave cooking. - Easy to clean: Just need to turn inside out and use any brush, clean them will be in a blink of an eye. Also, they are completely dishwasher safe, so cleaning is always quick, simple. - Easy to store: After cleaned and air dry, only need simply pop them back into their own dust-proof container for safe, clean storage until next time. Show your creativity! Use our multi-use liners to rich your kitchen life. Colorful and fun will be full of your whole family. Use your imagination and knock up other tasty little treats like: Ice cream cakes! Cheesecakes! Gelatin! Chocolate lined desserts! And more... Also, the Vibrant Collection includes 8 bright colors, your kids will love them too. Ideal for children's snack time! Separate foods in Bento Lunch Boxes! Great for ice cream cakes and large ice cubes! Make handmade soap, candles and bath bombs...

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