Korean Homestyle Cooking: 87 Classic Recipes – From Barbecue and Bibimbap to Kimchi and Japchae

At last, a book that demystifies Korean cooking—the cuisine behind a growing food trend. Aromatic, savory, piquant, and robust—everyone is talking about the intriguing flavors and textures of Korean food! With this new Korean cookbook, home cooks everywhere can prepare healthy and satisfying meals using ingredients that are available in any supermarket, using a few simple and familiar techniques. This collection of Korean recipes includes something for everyone:Marinated Barbecued Kalbi Beef Short RibsBibimbap Rice Bowls Topped with Vegetables and BeefNapa Cabbage Kimchi, Daikon Kimchi and other pickled vegetablesStir-fried Dakgalbi Chicken with Garlic Bean SauceSoy Marinated Bulgogi Beef with Spring OnionsTangy Japchae Beanthread Noodles with Sesame and Fresh VegetablesAnd so much more! The dishes highlighted in Korean Homestyle Cooking include all the classic Korean appetizers, sides dishes, soups and stews, main courses, and rice and noodle dishes—even desserts and drinks, including: Yukgaejang Spicy Beef SoupPork and Pepper Buchimgae Savory PancakesPork and Kimchi PotstickersSeafood and Daikon Kimchi StewTomato KimchiClam and Chive SoupKorean Fried RiceYuja Citrus TeaMakgeolli Sparkling Rice Wine SherbetCrunchy Sweet Potato Sticks With probiotic superfood properties, Korean cuisine also has a lot of health benefits and is perfect for anyone trying out a macrobiotic diet. Korean Homestyle Cooking brings the unforgettable flavors of Korea into your home—no takeout menu required!

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