King Japanese Grit 1000/6000 Combination Sharpening Stone KW-65 and King #8000 Nagura Stone : Bundle – 2 Items

2 Piece Waterstone Set delivers savings over buying the individual stones. Includes: 1000 & 6000 combination waterstone, and Nagura stone. Make knife sharpening easier by getting the right whetstone. The King Combination Stone shown here has includes a stand and has what you need to remove grinder marks and finish with a polished edge. Made from the same materials as the King Deluxe Whetstones, this item will give much better results than an oil stone. The King KW-65 (HT-65) Whetstone utilizes a combination of 1000 Grit on one side to sharpen and smooth the blade while the other side is a 6000 grit for honing the blade. The convenience of having both sides allows for a much sharper knife. Nagura Stone - Used as one of the popular accessories for finer sharpening stones. Use with the 6000 grit stone. This product is the only genuine nagura stone manufactured and sold by King.They develop a high-quality slurry and also serve to flatten high spots on the surface of sharpener. After dripping water to the whetstone, rub the Nagura (which contains the abrasive). Then a good slurry develops and it speeds up the polishing.

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