Kids Cook Real Food: Cooking Class Curriculum

Want your kids to be hard-working, independent, healthy adults?You can do it all while making dinner – together.The Kids Cook Real Food Cooking Class Curriculum will help your children discover and nurture their strengths, learn how to make something out of ingredients without anyone else’s help, and know how to feed themselves healthy food as they grow into adulthood.Inside you'll find a complete curriculum for teaching kids to cook, including lesson plans to present over 30 basic skills, allergy-friendly recipe suggestions, memorable safety phrases on flash cards, and a Curriculum Map to keep you organized. The book is a companion to the full Kids Cook Real Food eCourse video series, but it can be used on its own.Skills are presented in a logical order, starting with fine motor work at age 2 and progressing all the way to creating meals in upper elementary. Lessons include:Peeling VeggiesSpreading (3yos make PB&J by themselves!)Measuring & Following a Recipe WellSharp Knife Skills (5 classes)Stovetop & Oven SafetySautéing & BakingFlipping Pancakes & TortillasCooking Rice & Dry BeansExperimenting with Seasonings and Creating MealsHappy course members say:“My boys love it and really look forward to it!” --Sarah K., Alberta, Canada“Our three-year-old, Deborah, keeps chanting all the phrases, and Dad has enjoyed and been impressed by ants on a log, Ranch dip, and fruit salad, all made by the kids.” –Elizabeth, Cambridge, England“Have recommended this class to friends in our homeschool community!” --Tara, Oregon“I could never interest my son in cooking with me until ‘Mrs. Kimball’ came along. Now he enthusiastically peels cucumbers, spreads butter, measures spices and critiques my knife skills.” –Elana, Vancouver, CanadaBuild life skills and family responsibility. Get help with dinner and save yourself time. It’s a guarantee that they’ll eat every day, right? Food is a part of life, so let’s build healthy kids with REAL cooking skills. There’s no better time than NOW to teach your kids to cook!

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