Ketogenic Bread Cookbook: Over 50 Easy and Exciting low-carb Keto Bread Baking Recipes for Weight Loss

Imagine a ketogenic diet where you actually get to eat soft, warm bread.Of course, you already know that eating bread is impossible on the keto diet because it’s the absolute highest carb-loaded, day-ruining, thing you dream about and crave all the time because you can’t have it kind of mood-ruiner.But what if there were keto bread recipes that were high fat, low-carb bread? Recipes that didn’t taste like Styrofoam. Bread that was soft, warm, perfectly chewy and actually tasted good!That’s exactly what we created with the Ketogenic Bread Cookbook. You get over 50 recipes of breads you can make so that you can finally eat:Flatbreads to make pizzaSandwiches with lots of mayo, meat and veggiesA BLT with crisp bacon, crisp lettuce, and juice tomatoA hamburger with a real bunCornbread to go with your chiliGarlic bread loaded with butterNaan bread to load your Indian food ontoDessert breads like pumpkin and blueberryBreakfast buns, dinner rolls, biscuits, and more!If you’re excited to finally eat good bread again, click the buy button, and buy the book. It’s that easy.

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