Keto Vegetarian: Vegetarian Keto Diet Cookbook (Ace Keto)

Support your body in becoming the fat burning machine it is with the vegetarian keto diet recipes in this book!Have you recently started following the Ketogenic diet? And are a vegetarian? And wondering how you can introduce the Ketogenic diet into your vegetarian way of life? This Keto Vegetarian Cookbook will remove all the guesswork by providing delicious Ketogenic diet recipes, which are also vegetarian friendly to ensure you get into and stay in ketosis easily while following the Ketogenic diet as a vegetarian. In this book, you will find high fat, moderate protein and low carb vegetarian recipes that will kick you into ketosis every time you eat them.In this book, I cover basic stuff like what the keto diet is, as I have that all covered in another one of my books. Instead, I go deep into the recipes to ensure you have lots of options as far as what you eat while on the Ketogenic diet is concerned if you are a vegetarian.More precisely, in this book, you will find:1: Delicious Ketogenic diet breakfast recipes, which are vegetarian friendly2: Delicious Ketogenic diet lunch recipes, which are vegetarian friendly3: Delicious Ketogenic diet dinner recipes, which are vegetarian friendly4: Delicious Ketogenic diet snacks recipes, which are vegetarian friendly5: Delicious Ketogenic diet dessert recipes, which are vegetarian friendly6: And much more!After reading this book, you will realize that you are not just limited to eating vegetable salads while on the Ketogenic diet as a vegetarian!Click Buy Now in 1-Click or Add to Cart NOW to get started.

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