Keto Vegetarian Cookbook: 30 days meal plan, breakfast, lunch, dinner, 90 recipes with nutritional value

Counting your macronutrients is the key to effectively execute a certain diet. Especially in Ketogenic diet. We need to have certain counts of macronutrients to begin the process of ketosis. As ketogenic diet is high fat, low carb, and adequate protein diet we must follow the rule or we won't see results. So every person has different counts needed depending on their body mass. So how are we going to count the macronutrients? NO PROBLEM! this keto vegetarian cookbook will help you with that.Imagine a book that breaks down all these macronutrients of every ingredient in every recipe. Yes, you saw it right, macronutrients of each of every ingredient in a recipe, so you can personalize each of the recipes according to the macronutrients, counts you needIt's vegetarian, mostly plant-based and supports the animal welfare.A book that already planned a whole month of meals for you so you won't have to worry or think about what to cook next. IT SAVES YOUR TIMEThis book is a Ketogenic vegetarian cookbook, with 90 delicious high fat, low carb, and adequate protein recipes that can help you lose weight and stay healthy..It tackles the Ketogenic diet in general and the Ketogenic vegetarian version of it. How it is helpful and all the benefits you can get from this kind of lifestyle and everything you need to know about ketogenic.NOTE we only count the net carbs in this diet. NET CARBS= TOTAL CARBS minus the FIBERDisclaimer :The book is in black and white format for it is intended for beginners for less cost SUBSCRIBE TO BE UPDATED ON THE NEXT BOOK LAUNCH AND HAVE DISCOUNT ON "KETO VEGETARIAN DESSERTS"As a health enthusiast, I'm very conscious about the food I eat, cause I know that health is very important to us. Staying fit means more time to spend with our loved ones.As a support to your aim for living healthy, I would be happy to give you the e-book version of this book for free if you buy the paperbackTAKE THE FIRST STEP TO THE KETO VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE!Regards, Erin Mira

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