Keto Meal Prep Cookbook: Keto Meal Prep Recipes and 7-Day Keto Meal Plan For Beginners

Lose weight and enjoy your dream body eating TASTY meals with a NEW 2019 EDITION keto meal prep coobook by Nicole James!Melt off the weight, while maintaining your health without throwing money at the problem.Sound like the solution you’re looking for? Then the KETO MEAL PREP COOKBOOK - The Complete Ketogenic Diet Meal Prep Guide And 30-Day Plan For Success, is absolutely the best thing you need for your diet right now!The Keto Meal Prep Cookbook was created specifically for you, so you can do keto more easily, without the hassle, and stress!Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside:Dozens of Healthy, Easy Recipes using ingredients you can find at your local grocery store – each with detailed nutritional information.Delicious Strictly Keto Diet Food snacks, meals, desserts, vegetarian food, and everything in between is organized into chapters, and indexed for your convenience.3 Week Keto Meal Prep Meal Plan, so you can start your keto before you’re an expert on the subject. Make the recipes, get healthy, lose weight.But you also get:Pro Tips and FAQs for keto Meal PrepHow to Prep Your Meals (and How Not To!)The best meals you can make on keto. Period.A comprehensive guided method, so you can follow the steps for success, every time.Nutritional Information For Each Recipes so you can count your macrosThe complete science behind Keto, which you can skip OR come back to when you’re readyAnd much more...Learn the golden rules of keto meal prep and avoid the common mistakes so you can shed those extra pounds fast!Get Healthy, Get Lean, With Keto Meal Prep Now!

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