Keto Fat Bombs: Cookbook with 50 Sweet, Savory, and Frozen Recipes to Satisfy Every Taste. Burn fat and Enjoy Every Dessert, Treat, or Occasion with these Quick and Easy Low-Carb/High-Fat Snacks!

★★Get the Paperback and Receive the Kindle eBook for                                                       FREE★★Are you new to the Keto diet or have you been going back to the same, old low-carb dishes for years? Are you looking for a variety of mouthwatering, nutritious recipes for your Keto diet toolkit? Do you want to satisfy your rumbling stomach while feeling good about taking important steps towards a healthier life?If you’ve secretly craved grabbing a candybar at the store, you’ll love these healthy recipes that taste even better than your usual go-to treat. This is just the book for you.Read on!Fat Bombs are filling, low-carb snacks packed with healthy fats and proteins. They are quick and easy to make. There are both savory and sweet options, so they can be enjoyed anytime.If you’re super busy like most of us these days, you can make the majority of the recipes in this book in less than half an hour. Anyone who struggles with finding the time to prepare healthy snacks and meals can discover a fresh start today using the low-carb, fat burning and healthy recipes in this book.In Keto Fat Bombs: Cookbook with 50 Sweet, Savory and Frozen Recipes to Satisfy Every Taste. Burn fat and Enjoy Every Dessert, Treat or Occasion with these Quick and Easy Low-Carb/High-Fat Snacks!, Serena Baker, an empowered woman with a passion for health opens up a world of possibilities within the framework of the Keto diet.Each recipe features a brief description, estimated prep and cooking time, as well as nutritional values including calories, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars and fats, presented in a simple-to-follow format.Here are just a handful of the helpful tools you’ll find in Keto Fat Bombs:For beginners, basic principles and benefits of keto!Intro to fat bombs: why they are so awesome and why they give you so much energy!A list of the most essential ingredients you’ll want in your keto fat-bomb kitchen50 delicious fat bomb recipes that are quick to prepare with cheap and easy-to-find ingredientsBonus chapter! 6 crazy fat bombs recipes they use irresistible ingredients like salmon, guacamole, tuna, bacon, eggs and avocado!The amazing variety of savory, sweet, frozen and crazy fat bomb recipes in this book are simple to make. They will supply you with the good fats you need for energy, especially if you are pressed for time.Even if you’ve failed to make meaningful changes through Keto or other types of diets in the past, you can discover success with the help of the dozens of innovative recipes in this book and attain the results you seek. Start today by scrolling up and clicking the Buy Now button!***Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats- Black and White and Full color. Choose the best for you ***

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