Keto Diet Crock Pot Cookbook: Top 120 Simple-to-Make Delicious Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic Diet Slow Cooker Recipes to Lose Weight Forever and Live Better

In the modern days of health- and image-conscious individuals, one might find it difficult to achieve the #BodyGoals they have always aspired. Nowadays, most people struggle with weight gain. It is more than just being beautiful and having a fit body; it is about a healthy lifestyle as well.For the past few years, one diet plan has gained the spotlight, especially in social media. A clear Instagram- and Pinterest-favorite, this diet plan skyrocketed to fame when more celebrities and prominent individuals swore by its effectiveness. The ketogenic diet (also called keto diet), is a high-fat, medium-protein, and low-carbohydrate diet that alters the typical metabolism pathway for the body to feed primarily on fats, therefore producing a relatively faster way of losing weight. Other than that, it features other benefits to the mind, internal organs and is a suitable diet for some diseases and ailments. Because the food list is unrestricted, the keto diet was found to be easy to follow and continues to be in the limelight.Meanwhile, food technologists have paved the way for more novel ways to cook food that not only makes it delicious but also preserves its nutrients. One of the most popular ways to cook food is through a slow cooker called a crock-pot. It is popular for any lifestyle, especially those who have a very busy one. Everything you put into the crock-pot is magically transformed into a tasty meal – this is why the crock-pot has gained its reputation as a go-to cooking option.This is what this book combines- the positive effects of using a crock pot and the ketogenic diet. This book, explains the ketogenic diet, including the science behind it, the benefits it provides, the precautions and misconception, and a complete roadmap of what to eat when you commit to this diet. Furthermore, using a crock-pot will also be clarified. You will not only learn about its benefits, you will also learn how to use it properly and what difference it makes.To top it all, 120 easy-to-cook ketogenic recipes cooked using a crock pot are included. Get a complete grasp on how to lose weight and commit to an easy keto lifestyle the way you have never before. Enjoy!

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