Kajun King Trapper Joe’s Story

Noces Joseph LaFont, Jr. (Trapper Joe) is a veteran when it comes to south Louisiana hunting and fishing. His traditional Cajun roots implanted into him as a child has been show cased on the hit television show Swamp People that airs on the History Channel. Alligator season is the most exciting and most dangerous time of the year for alligator hunters in Louisiana. When Trapper Joe is not hunting alligators, he is hunting for other game within the Cajun lifestyle such as: fish, crawfish, shrimp, crabs, raccoons, turtles, deer, hog, rabbit, dove and so forth. His autobiography details his life from growing up in south Louisiana to helping Swamp People become the #1 rated reality show on the History channel with a premiere viewing of 3.1 million. It is filled with amazing hunting and fishing stories as well as his Cajun recipes. This book is a real must have for any true fan of the Cajun lifestyle.

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