Jon Bonnell’s Texas Favorites

“Texan style with a modern twist.” ―Bobby Flay From Tex-Mex essentials to fiery appetizers, family-style fiestas, and Forth Worth fancy foods, Jon Bonnell shares his best recipes for parties and family gatherings―and don’t forget the ever-popular tailgate party fare and wild fish and game. Wind down the party with a variety of liquor-infused desserts or Sweet Biscuits with Cactus Jelly. What could be more Texan than that? Chef Jon Bonnell opened Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine in 2001. It is one of the premier restaurants in Texas. He has cooked at the James Beard House and has been featured on NBC’s Today, The Early Show, Nightline, and Food Network’s BBQ with Bobby Flay. He is the author Jon Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine and lives in Fort Worth.

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