Jean Dubost Laguiole 6 Piece Steak Knife Set France Ivory White Handles

Set of 6 French Laguiole steak knives designed by Jean Dubost with its Authenticity Certificate. These knives are dishwasher safe (acrylic handles with ivory color). DUBOST COLAS PRADEL was created in 1920, by Pierre DUBOST and his wife Marcelle COLAS PRADEL. Dubost Colas Pradel is situated in Viscomtat, a mountain village 15 km from Thiers, the capital of french cutlery. Ever since its foundation in 1920 by Pierre Dubost and his wife Marcelle Colas Pradel, the company has passed down a family tradition of fine workmanship and high quality products. It is now in the hands of the third (Philippe Dubost) and the fourth (Alexandre Dubost) generations. The company has grown in notoriety due to being attentive to the changing needs of consumers, and its faithful presence at international fairs since 1962. Since its creation Dubost Colas Pradel has been in a perpetual development. Despite having started in a small workshop, production grew rapidly under the inspiration of Jean Dubost, the founder's son, who gave his name to the famous flatware line and the world renowned kitchen knives. Quality is an integral part of the company policy. Products are quality controlled at each step of production, with care to assure good workmanship, in order to provide consumers with pleasure and the assurance of long lasting use.

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