Jam Today: A Diary of Cooking With What You’ve Got (Revised and Updated)

"Just my kind of book. . . . In addition to some great meals made to satisfy desires, needs, whims, or simply to make use of what's at hand, Jam Today is a complete pleasure to read." —Deborah Madison, author of The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone"Jam Today, whose title is culled from a line in one of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland books, isn't so much a cookbook as it is ruminations on food preparation and living right." —Cascadia Weekly"Delightful . . . written by a woman who values food, family and friends." —Shelf AwarenessEveryone loves to eat—or they should. But anyone hungry, or in charge of hungry loved ones, needs Tod Davies on their shelf to cheer them on when they ask, "What on earth am I going to make for dinner?" Nourishing in every sense of the word, this memoir/support system has been the guide readers turn to for eating, cooking, and living well.Now fully updated, it's time to jam again—with new stories from Davies's kitchen, her latest adventures with techniques and ingredients, and an entire section devoted to sparking the creativity necessary to make a dish of your very own.Tod Davies is author of the Jam Today series, as well as The History of Arcadia fairytale series. Unsurprisingly, her attitude toward literature is the same as her attitude toward cooking—it's all about working with what you have to find new ways of looking and new ways of being.

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