Instant Pot  Keto Recipes  Cookbook 2019: Ketogenic Diet for Beginners’ Cookbook.  Quick and Easy High Fat Meals’ Guide  For Your Pressure Cooker

★★★ Begin your healthy life today ★★★Want to eat healthy and tasty KETO dishes?Want to be in the best shape of your life?Do you want to improve your diet in fast and efficient way?★★★★★ This book is for you! ★★★★★Get ready for keto diet! It is time to get the best recipes that you can add in your meal plan. Easy and delicious Instant Pot Recipes. It is time to say goodbye to cooking for hours. With the instant pot, the cook time is reduced significantly. In this book, you will get only recipes that require 30 minutes or less cook time.Plus each of them has 5-6 main ingredients. This makes them less complicated and affordable.However, what is the most important part here? All the recipes will keep you in ketosis. They are healthy, low in sodium, high in fat and low net carbs. All you need for a healthy lifestyle. Experience cooking forms a different angle. The instant pot and the keto recipes will give you a new perspective to home cooking. No more smelling clothes steam or burned food. Plus all the important nutrition is kept in the food nothing escapes in the cooking process. Keto and Instant Pot together make a healthy bomb that you need to activate right away. Want to start keto and keep going; well you need delicious and simple recipes for any occasion. In this book, you will get just that. This means it is time to stop searching for new recipes and get them with this book.You will get 10 amazing breakfast recipes followed by stews/soups, meat, veggies, desserts, etc. Everything you need to create your meal plan without compromising ketosis. Here what you'll learn from this book:Breakfast recipesSoups and StewsPoultryBeefPorkFish and seafoodQuick snacksEggs and dairy recipesDessertsDon’t forget to buy the book Start your keto journey the right way! With Instant Pot Recipes.

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