Indian Paratha, Puri: Several Recipes

A flatbread from the Indian subcontinent is called a paratha. It is equally popular in the neighbouring countires, particularly in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Paratha is generally made of wheat flour and some other ingredients. However, there are different types of rotis and parathas which are cooked according to the different geographical conditions and the availability of the other ingredients in different areas. Word ‘Paratha’ is conjoined from ‘parat’ and ‘atta.’ ‘Parat’ means layer and ‘atta’ means wheat flour. So it literally means layers of cooked dough. It is also spelled as parantha, parauntha, forata, prontha, parota, and palata in different geographical areas. Roti happens to be one of the staple foods in India, but parathas are equally liked all across the country. Paratha is a bit thicker and more substantial than rotis or chapattis. Generally, people eat plain parathas with ghee, butter or curd in breakfast, but stuffed parathas are also liked. Several things such as vegetables, eggs, cottage cheese, minced meat, etc. are used as stuffings while cooking stuffed parathas. The most common stuffing is mashes and spiced potatoes. Then there are parathas stuffed with lentils and vegetables. In this book we have presented some of the most popular types of parathas. The pictures with the instructions will make it easier for you to understand how parathas are cooked. The recipes are very simple and a little practice will enable you to make parathas of required shapes and sizes. All the best Simi Sachar

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