How to Cook for Beginners: An Easy Cookbook for Learning the Basics

You’ll never say “I can’t cook” again. If recipes look like secret codes and boiling an egg might as well be rocket science, How to Cook for Beginners is for you. Easy lessons and delicious recipes teach you everything you need to know to get started in the kitchen. Cooking seems daunting, but with this practical choice in cookbooks for beginners―and a little practice―you can become a skilled home chef. Begin with guides to must-have equipment, a well-stocked pantry, and kitchen safety. Master fundamental techniques with recipes designed to teach you dicing, pan cooking, broiling, and more. Unlike other cookbooks for beginners, this system builds your skills from mixing a simple seasoning blend to roasting a whole chicken (with gravy!). Then, enjoy over 30 other recipes like Speedy Shrimp Sauté, Pasta Bolognese, and Mexican-Style Street Corn Salad. It’s everything cookbooks for beginners should be: Cooking 101―Learn how to store your food, care for your knives, prep your work station, and even talk like a chef. Tools and tips―Each recipe lists the tools you’ll need, and many go beyond other cookbooks for beginners with ideas to customize flavors or make prep even easier. For every meal―Create quick breakfasts, mouthwatering mains, and delicious desserts―plus snacks, sides, and veggies. When you’re not sure which cookbooks for beginners to start with, let How to Cook for Beginners open the door and show you: you can cook!

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