How to Bake No-Knead Bread in a Skillet, CorningWare, Dutch Oven, Covered Baker & More (Updated to Include “Hands-Free” Technique) (B&W Version): From the kitchen of Artisan Bread with Steve

No Dutch oven... no problem... you can use a skillet, pie plate, cookie sheet, CorningWare casserole dish, or a variety of other common household items. You don’t need to invest in expensive bakeware to make no-knead bread, but there are subtle differences when baking no-knead bread in a variety of common household items that effects proofing, baking time & temperature and preparation of the bakeware (preheating, etc.). This cookbook explores the options. It applies the new “hands-free” technique to the world’s easiest bread recipe (4 ingredients... no mixer... no kneading... no yeast proofing) and adapts it to various types of bakeware. One recipe... lots of options... It will expand the world of no-knead bread making, stimulate your imagination, and please your palate. Cookbook discusses… Ingredients, Technique & Tips (including “Degas, Pull & Stretch”, “Roll to Coat”, & “Garnish & Baste”), Equipment & Bakeware, etc. followed by simple bread recipes tailored to specific types of bakeware. Skillet & More includes… Skillet, Pie Plate, Cake Pan, Baking Stone, and Cookie Sheet. CorningWare includes… Oblong Loaf (2-1/2 qt Oblong Casserole Dish), Rectangular Loaf (2-1/2 qt Oblong Baker), and Boule (2-1/2 qt Round Entrée Baker). Dutch Oven includes… Standard Boule (5 qt Dutch Oven), Plump Boule (2.6 qt Ceramic Dutch Oven), Plump Boule (3 qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven), Oval Loaf (3 qt Cast Iron Casserole), Eggplant Shaped Loaf (2.25 qt Cast Iron Casserole Dish), and Large Boule (4 qt Cast Iron Braiser). Covered Baker includes… Long Loaf (Long Covered Baker) and Boule (Bread Dome). I think you’ll find the cookbook interesting. Thanks - Steve

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