Hot Italian Dish: A Cookbook

The star of hit television show Growing Up Gotti shares her secret family recipes along with anecdotes about her lively Italian family. Victoria Gotti has become as famous for her cooking as she is for all her other fabulous media appearances. Here, she shares the secrets to all her wonderful Italian recipes, for all occasions. Filled with 100 recipes of her own, as well as from friends and family, Victoria Gotti's cookbook will tickle your palate on any occasion: breakfast, lunch, barbecue, appetizers, desserts and Sunday dinners; special times like birthdays and weddings; meals for entertaining friends and families, and of course food for the holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and the Feast of San Gennaro. For that is the essence of cooking for Victoria – keeping the family together with heart–warming, delicious meals made with tender loving care. Her meals encourage family togetherness, and will gather round your loved ones for the kind of all–important quality time that many people leave out of their fast–paced lives. She proves that even the business female executives juggling the pressures of the workplace, home and kids can prepare and cook homemade, healthy and delicious meals that everyone will enjoy. With a beautiful sixteen–page color photo insert of her most spectacular meals, Victoria will take the reader through the history of the Gotti family, with historical black and white photos of her parents, uncles and aunts, and grandparents, and a food history of the family as well. The family stories will be interwoven with and tied into the recipes that have marked the lives of one of the best–known Italian families in America.

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