Homeinart Whistling Tea Kettle Stainless Tea Kettles Stovetop 2.6 QT

Tea kettle is stainless steel, stylish design, the sparkling mirror effect makes it a unique piece of any kitchen, enough for you to stand out on the stove! Easy to clean, large capacity, to ensure water quality and health. Kettle handle is a rubber material, to avoid overheating, protect your skin. The tea kettle gives warning sound automatically when water is boiled to remind people remove the kettle from stove. It's been very helpful especially for those who always get distracted by kids and stuffs around. The sound was not too peak, and clear enough to get back your attention. With a fast-boil technology, it'll be a great helper in your kitchen whenever you've craving for a cup of tea or planning for a tea party. It suitable for all types of cooking stoves to bring convenience to your kitchen life. How to use the kettle: 1) Pull off the lid, fill the water into kettle, then close the lid. 2) Put the tea pot on gas, electric and most induction stove tops. 3) Several minutes later, when it is whistling, it heats up. 4) Move it from the stove. 5) Push the button on the handle for flipping up the spout. 6)Pour out the water on the cup you prepared before. It will heat water quickly for loose tea or tea bags in minutes. Friendly Tips: Do not put tea kettle or tea pot lid in dishwasher. Hand wash with warm water and gentle soap to clean. Wipe the kettle in one swipe. Just enjoy your life with Homeinart tea kettle!

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