Green Elephant Knife Sharpening Rod, Lightweight & Highly Durable Ceramic Honing Steel, 11 Inch

Enjoy your creative side in the kitchen without interruption of a dull knife A Green Elephant honing steel sharpening rod for Japanese knives, German knives, or any type of steel knives will help you express your inner artist in the kitchen or near the BBQ grill. Be a creative chef - chop, slice, peel and cut effortlessly and enjoy the process with knives that are always sharp. We know that sometimes it gets hectic for you parents out there preparing food for your family in the evening. The kids want attention and homework needs to be checked and you're trying to cook dinner. Don't let dull knives ruin your good intentions and slow you down or - even worse - cause an injury! That is why we brought you the Green Elephant ceramic knife sharpener steel - so you have one less thing to worry about. Happy Cooking! Caution Try not to drop the ceramic knife sharpener rod Do not bend the ceramic rod sharpener Do not use the knife sharpeners steel on ceramic blades Specifics Rod material: white ceramic Ceramic length: 10.75 " Ceramic diameter: 0,6 " Ceramic grit rate: 1500 Hardness: 9Mohs Handle length: 5,5 " Handle material: Polypropylene Raw materials for this ceramic sharpening steel are from Japan - produced in Taiwan Click the orange "Add to cart" button and Order your Green Elephant sharpening ceramic rod Today! Green Elephant's team has changed the sharpening more pleasant. After browsing through all the ceramic honing steel listings in amazon, and reading reviews which state that dropping the ceramic rod will bring no good and it is hard to sharpen your knives with pieces of the rod. When hearing the same from other food enthusiasts, we found a way to bring you this sharpening rod that has 80% less the probability for shattering. Hence the brand - Green Elephant. Just a little bit different approach to a regular "gray elephant".

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