Greek Without the Gluten

As a professional baker surrounded all day by foods made with wheat flour, it was nearly impossible for me to stay on my gluten free diet. After trying many of the gluten free recipes that I found on the internet as well as some from books that I'd purchased, I found myself utterly unsatisfied with the results. Tastes, textures, and flavors were shockingly bad--not to mention the high cost of some of the ingredients. After months of experimentation, I developed a few flour blends that work every time--some with grain and some without. I then embarked on converting favorite recipes to gluten free. The results were stunning. With 23 recipes from appetizers to desserts, this, the first book in my series, Without the Gluten, is all about Greek food. Simple, satisfying, and delicious. Two of my flour blend recipes plus a recipe for a gluten free phyllo are a few bonuses you receive with this book. A section is also included to help you make the best decisions on substitutes for the various specialty ingredients that so often plague cookery today. Gluten free does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to be dull. And now, with these recipes you can have Baklava again. Welcome to my kitchen!

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