Good Housekeeping Canning & Preserving: 80+ Simple, Small-Batch Recipes (Good Food Guaranteed)

A beginner's guide to canning and pickling with more than 80 simple, small-batch recipes from America's most trusted test kitchen.  Making your own great-tasting canned goods is wonderfully easy . . . and a delicious pleasure, too. Good Housekeeping Canning and Preserving teaches you all the techniques you need to get started, such as preparing mason jars and canning equipment and how to form airtight seals. More than 80 recipes feature all-time favorites such as Freezer Strawberry Jam and Classic Dill Pickles, as well as Caramelized Onion and Bacon Jam, Blackberry Preserves, Blushing Apple Butter, Fig Chutney, and more. Plus, you get recipes to show off your creations—including Chutney-Glazed Pork Tenderloin; Spicy Tuna Sandwich with crunchy, pickled green beans; and Prosciutto-Melon Panini made with Cantaloupe Jam.  Recipes include: Tomato-Black Pepper Jam *  Jalapeño Pepper Jelly * Rhubarb Compote  *  Tangelo Marmalade* Pickled Cauliflower  *  Pickled Radishes  *  and much more!

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