Golden Threads Quilter’s Cookbook: Tasty, Easy, Everyday Recipes

This cookbook came about in part from some of the quilter's ideas to culminate and share the amazing potluck dishes we quilters bring together as we celebrate and connect. Food is a great unifier. Quilting is a great art. Bringing the two together is a sure bond we intend to spread in efforts to unify more of our community members together. We at Golden Threads know this best. The smiles that emanate from our lips as we talk, laugh, and enjoy one another only get bigger over the table. From Ms. Rose’s Dirty Rice to Ms. Gloria’s Pecan Tarts, these food and quilt recipes are from the heart of the Omaha community. Celebrate with us as our quilters share their most coveted home- cooked meals. As remarkable as our quilts are, we lay the same great quality in our dishes. Most of all, we hope you feel inspired from the authenticity, love, and care; the very feelings that come from the foods, quilts, and hearts of this community. Get ready for some lip smackin’ and a darn good time. Happy Quilting. Tara

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