Giant Book of Bread Machine Recipes

Delicious, nutritious, and simple to make! With your bread machine, the possibilities are endless and include every imaginable and tasty ingredient. Make the most of this marvelous machine by understanding its basic operation, how to clean and service it, troubleshoot problems, and convert your favorite conventional recipes. Then try making hundreds of incredible international breads. Don't these make your mouth water?· White Breads: Sour Cream, Jalapeño Cheese, and Challah· Wheat: Bran, Cashew, Graham, and Whole Wheat Sourdough Breads· Rye Breads, from German to Buckwheat to Pumpernickel· Corn, Oat, Whole Grain, and Multiple Grain Breads· Spice and Sweet Breads, like Pumpkin Pie· Fruit and Vegetable Breads, including yummy Banana Oat Bran· Latin American, French, and British Breads, plus festive treats like Cinnamon Cranberry Bread, and Specialty Breads for 2-pound machinesFast to cook and fabulous to eat, these are the favorites of bread lovers from around the world.

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