Get Your Party Started: A PartyGirl’s Guide to Pain Free Parties

Do you suffer from Scared Hostess/Host Syndrome (SHS)? Want to have friends over for a party but are intimidated by the fear of entertaining, preparing food and/or your lack of bartending skills? Don’t know how to entertain without making yourself miserable because it seems too hard? Suffer no more! This book will give you tools, tips, and recipes to become a fabulous “PartyGirl” or “PartyGuy.” What used to be a mystery will now be a cinch! Inside you’ll find recipes that are easy and yummy, suggested menus with luscious libation pairings, info about ambiance, lighting, and tips to help make your party place look trés chic. There’s even a Guy’s chapter full of delicious ‘football food’ recipes from cool guys. The recipes have been coded for your convenience: 1 Party Girl = Most pain free 2 Party Girls = Pretty much pain free 3 Party Girls = Not as pain free but worth it! So sit back, enjoy the read, get over your SHS, and get ready to throw a fabulous party in no time with very little effort. It can be easy, fun, and pain free. Party on!

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