Frozen Desserts

Create homemade masterpieces like spiced pumpkin ice cream, honey-lemon frozen yogurt, orange sorbet and sangria granita. Embellish your dessert with zesty gingersnaps, fudgy brownies or a boozy butterscotch sauce. Walk down memory lane (without leaving your kitchen) for an old-fashioned chocolate malt or a modern root beer float . With over 60 recipes, this book is the ultimate resource for frozen dessert bliss.Frozen Desserts includes ideas for scoops, shakes, slushes, sundaes, sandwiches, special-occasion treats and more. Whether you’re rediscovering a classic or testing a modern favorite, your home kitchen turned ice cream parlor will be churning out frozen greatness. With purchased substitutes and made-from-scratch recipes, these sweets can be adjusted to fit any schedule. Throughout the book you’ll also find tips for serving, storing and personalizing your desserts. From kid friendly treats to adults-only delights, Frozen Desserts has something for dessert lovers of all ages.

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