Flavours of the Street: Turkey

One of the most fascinating and unique aspects of urban life in Turkey is the variety, richness and quality of foods one can purchase in the streets from iterant vendors. Consisting of a wide range of culinary delights, from fresh produce to prepared meals sold on hand-pushed carts, in glass display cases mounted on wheels or simply in baskets and trays - this book documents a wide variety of these street foods. These street foods comprises of a rich palette of colours, tastes and smells that constitute a distinct urban culinary culture, yet nowadays rapidly disappearing under the impact of globalisation, especially after the proliferation of large supermarkets and fast food chains since the 1980s. "Flavours of the Street: Turkey" also demonstrates the gourmet culinary possibilities inspired by these popular street foods. The colourful varieties of street food is documented in the book by season - Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn - together with their recipes, historical background and cultural notes and illustrates them with beautifully taken photographs. These photographs will give readers a good feel of the vibrant street food scene in Turkey. "Flavours of the Street" is a series of culinary books that celebrates the tastes, sights and sounds of the multi-faceted street food industry that is often taken for granted. Through their personal journeys and experiences, these authors document the colourful variety of street foods by sharing authentic recipes gleaned from the street hawkers, and illustrate them with beautifully taken photographs. These photographs give readers a feel of the buzzing street life in the various countries and celebrate the different personalities associated with these foods. Through careful and extensive research, the origins and historical background of these dishes are also recounted with exciting detail.

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