Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears (10.5 Inch), 510091-1001

Cut up your favorite foods directly in the pan or dish with a pair of surface-safe, easy-to-clean kitchen shears featuring a non-scratch nylon base. Protect your pans, counters and bakeware, save time and eliminate dishes with this modern kitchen essential. Great for cutting pizza, bakery items, omelets and more, the shears feature a heat-resistant nylon base that allows you to cut just about anywhere without worrying about scratching surfaces. An elevated handle with large, comfortable loops keeps your hand out of the food, while stainless steel blades cut cleanly in one pass. The shears’ base can also be used to help clear surfaces. When dinner is over, simply separate the blades and toss them in the dishwasher for an easy, thorough cleaning.

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