Empowdered Sugar: A Collection of Sweets, Treats, and Female Feats

"If you like baking, puns, and female empowerment, this is the cookbook for you...A must-have for every baker, feminist, and pun enthusiast."―HelloGiggles Burn your bras NOT your cakes! Not just another cookbook, Empowdered Sugar celebrates strong, influential women of different cultures, religions, and races throughout history by weaving their names and feats with familiar, simple dessert and baked good recipes. This collection includes more than 80 recipes; from Jane Goodall Monkey Bread to Eleanor Roosevelvet Cake to Missy Elliot Shoopa Dupa Fly Pie, each of the recipes incorporates wordplay, brilliant quotes, vibrant illustrations, and hints at the irony of feminism in the kitchen. Empowdered Sugar was created to inspire women in and outside the kitchen by honoring stories of women’s sweet success.

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