Easy Bread Machine Baking: More than 100 new recipes for sweet and savoury loaves and shaped breads

When you make your own bread, you can also make healthy choices by controlling fats, salt, sugar, and adding grains and nutritious fruits to the dough. You can also shape the dough into rolls, buns, braided or round loaves. This collection of 100 simple and enticing bread machine recipes offers a delectable array of breads, from classic white loaves to healthy flax bread to elegant, special-occasion Pannetone and everything in between. With a few simple steps, and the push of a button, you can fill your house with the glorious aromas of: East Coast Brown Bread Hovis Bread Ancient Grain, Seed, and Fruit Loaf Challah Pane Alle Oliva Blueberry Swirl Sour-cream Bread Pizzas and flatbreads Along with the recipes, Holmes provides practical tips, information on ingredients, techniques, and problem-solving answers to assist you in your quest for perfect bread.

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