Dehydrating Foods, Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and Meats: The New Easy, Economical and Superior Method of Preserving All Kinds of Food Materials, With a … Recipes for Everyday Use (Classic Reprint)

We have passed through a long and trying experimental stage of saving foods by dehydration. At last, means and methods have not only been perfected, but are at the service of every one. Dehydration may be accomplished easily and successfully, both in the kitchen and in commercial plants, by the bushel or by the ton, as the case may be. For several years patient and unceasing work has been done along this line in order to attain the desired results, and personally I acknowledge with grateful appreciation the kindly co-operation and suggestions fromM essrs. George Hillard Benjamin, O. H. Benson, Woodford Brooks, Joseph S. Caldwell, H. C. Gore, S. C. Prescott, Lou D. Sweet, the late Waldron Williams, F. G. Wiechmann and other sincere and able investigators. Moreover, in writing upon the development of dehydration in the United States, it is only just to pay a sincere tribute to the altruistic and laudable efforts of Mrs. Oliver Harriman in behalf of this beneficent work. A. LOUISE ANDREA, New York.(Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)About the Publisher Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately preserve the original format of each page whilst digitally enhancing the aged text. Read books online for free at

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