Cordless Lithium Electric Knife with 2 Blades and Storage Case (Waring EK120)

Waring's cordless electric knife puts power and precision at your fingertips, so it's simple to slice and carve like a pro. Its ergonomic handle has a one-touch trigger for the ultimate ease of use as you cut neat, uniform slices of everything from roast turkey, prime rib or ham to crusty loaves of bread. An adjustable slicing guide ensures a clean, consistent cut. Features: One-touch pressure-activated ON/OFF thumb control for simple operation (convenient for left- or right-hand use); Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue; LED Guide Light adds light to cutting area; Blade Release Button for easy insert, removal and change of blades; Two full-size blades for carving meat (and other foods) or bread; Safety Switch - one touch lock or unlock; Carrying/Storage Case with small opening so knife can charge while stored in case; 2-color Charging Indicator Light; Adjustable Thickness Guide. Includes adapter for charging. For household use only. All parts that come in contact with food are BPA free.

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