Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set with Sheaths Super Sharp and Rust Proof and Stain Resistant (6″ Bread Knife, 6″ Chef Knife, 5″ Utility Knife, 4″ Fruit Knife), Black

About Coiwin: In order to get the great products and fast FBA service, please make sure the products you buy are sold by Bthaini. The secret to cooking beautiful & delicious food is in the knives you use have you ever used a ceramic knife before? If not, you're in for a treat the Bthaini ceramic knives effortlessly slice through food unlike any traditional knives you've used in the past. Stainless steel knives require sharpening on a regular basis, but this ceramic knife set was designed to stay ultra-sharp over long periods of time. Plus, our premium ceramic knives are rust-proof and stain-resistant, which means they were made to last a lifetime features and benefits, FDA approve, BPA free, germ-resistant, hygiene, lightweight, ultra-sharp, stain-proof, never wears, never rusts, never corrodes, easy to clean, ergonomic designs, no chemical leakage, leaves no aftertaste, no browning or oxidizing food, impervious to acids, oils and odour note 1.Ceramic knives should be used on silicone, wooden, plastic or bamboo cutting boards. Using on glass, marble or tile could cause the blades to chip or break. 2. Ideal for cutting fruit, vegetables and boneless meats. Do no use these knives for carving, chopping, boning or prying. 3. Do not put your knives in the dish washer. Do not use your hand to try the blade of the ceramic knife, it is dangerous. Package included 1 x 6" chef knife with sheath 1 x 6" bread knife with sheath 1 x 5" utility knife with sheath 1 x 4" fruit knife with sheath 1 x elegant gift box.

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