Coffee With Zombies: A Halloween cookbook to die for.

The chill of autumn brings with it Halloween, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, zombies, ghosts, witches, tricks or treats and parties. This Halloween, when the un-dead arrive at the door, feed them more than brains. The Coffee With Zombies cookbook is filled with a mouthwatering feast of Halloween and zombie themed recipes. Impress the fussy feeders with creatively scary, not too gory, sweet treats, deadly drinks and bites. Gather together your family and friends. Invite them to wear zombie rags, witch hats or steam-punk vampire attire. Transform a gathering into the event of the season. Serve up delicious Skull Caves, Screaming Meemies, Dead Man’s Toes and Maggoty Brains. Refresh them with Iced Blood Sangria and Floating Faces Punch. The unique recipe collection in this book will change ordinary food into a delectable selection of delicacies sure to please zombies, witches, monsters, vampires, mummies and more. The Coffee With Zombies cookbook is a ghoulish collection of creepy recipes cooked up, tasted and perfected over the years. Some recipes are based on old fashioned favorites, with basic ingredients. Others are new creations with ingredients tracked down on the Internet. The Halloween, zombie themed recipes are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings of horror loving living and not so living creatures.

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